Ordering Soundwave Art

Sound is all around us, all the time, sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we cherish it. Everything makes a unique sound and we can create literally any sound as art. From wedding vows, dog barks, personal messages and special songs, we can create you a one of a kind piece of art - just for you.

Ordering Guide

Step 1. Record your sound

Woof On The Wall - Record Your SoundThis is your art - be creative. You can record any sound as an audio or video file on a phone/ laptop/ video camera (hint- we got our dogs to bark by knocking on the door).

Step 2. Order your product

Once you've selected a product, we've made ordering as simple as possible, but still allowing you to shower your print in your personality. Our step by step checkout form will guide you through the process from choosing colours, fonts, frames and uploading your file. Our payment checkout is safe and secure and supports all major credit/debit cards or PayPal. If you get stuck - drop us a message or watch the 'How To Order' video below. 


Step 3. We design it

Woof On The Wall - James BondEvery print is made to order by our designer Ryan. Once your order is complete, he will design your print based on the customisation choices you made at the checkout in 1-3 days.

Our exact design process is a closely guarded secret, but our software allows Ryan to clean up your sound, removing any background sound (leaving you with just the good bits). Then we generate your soundwave and add colours, text and other personalised elements.  

Step 4. You approve it

Once Ryan has designed your print, you will receive 
Woof On The Wall QR code
your proof copy via email to approve before we print it. Once approved, we print on quality photographic paper using long lasting pigment inks and ship it out to you. 

We also send you a QR code for every print, so you can scan and play your sound again and again! 



What Art Can You Make From Your Sound?