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Father's Day Gifts - What Does He Really Want?

Father's Day- a time for giving, thanking and most definitely not socks. Out of my 25 previous opportunities to get my Dad a great heartwarming gift, I've so far failed. Let's face it - socks, ties and golf balls are not heart warming. Here's a breakdown of some of the gifts we've seen that your father is sure to love! A Guide To Father's Day Gifts Step 1 - The Card To some the card may seem like the least important part of the package, but I see it a little different. Think of the card as a vessel - a medium in which to truly express your words and thoughts into a meaningful message. It's a moment to make him...

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5 Ways Artists are Showing Sound as Visual Art

It's no secret that we're fascinated by sound and more importantly how it looks, but there are some artists who take this craft to a whole new level. These are some of our favourites. Soundscape: The Physical Sounds of Manhattan by John Davis - SOURCE This remarkable piece of art is created by tiny crystal buildings which represent famous NYC songs. Each buildings height is representative of the influence the song has had on the city's music scene. Cut by laser, this multi-level 3D model is truly a work of art.   Sound Wave by Jean Shin - SOURCEQuite literally a sound wave... This sound wave is created using melted records and sculpted into the shape of a wave, highlighted by the...

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Why is Sound Important and What Does it Mean to Us? Top 5 Reasons Why We Need Sound.

Sound is all around us, all the time. Sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we cherish it. But WHY is sound so important? Woof On The Wall are all about sound, so we thought we'd outline our top 5 reasons why sound is interesting but also vital for our survival! 1. Communication For many animals including us, sound is a main form of communication. We have developed languages, dialects, expressive tones and other ways to distinguish each other apart. It's these small details in our evolution that have allowed us to work together to accomplish greater things. Without sound we wouldn't hear and therefore wouldn't speak. Of course animals can't speak (human talk), but they can still communicate just as effectively. By grunting, crying, screeching etc...

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