NBA Crossover London/ Milan Event

NBA Crossover London & Milan

The NBA approached us wanting to run a soundwave installation at their NBA Crossover events in Milan and London. They wanted to use the latest soundwave technology to create a unique activation experience for their visitors.

NBA Crossover Soundwave Art Basketball

 When you bounce a basketball, you're using muscle build that's unique to your body. If you play ball hard, soft or technically- it's unique to your play. 

A stage was designed and built with surface mounted microphones on the underside. When you stood on the platform and played ball, our microphones captured the sound and style of your playing. A screen behind the stage showed a live visual representation of their pattern. 

The activity allowed visitors to try a range of moves to create different soundwaves, resulting in a take-home one-of-a-kind piece of soundwave art.

NBA Crossover Soundwave Art

At 2018's Milan NBA Crossover, NBA star Karl Anthony Towns created his own print, which has subsequently been on tour with all NBA Crossover events.

NBA Karl Anthony Townes Crossover Soundwave Art

 It was our first experience 'out-of-the-office' and it was wonderful to see families, friends and NBA fans, interacting and engaging with the installation.

John Collins created his own print at the London Crossover event.

If you have an event coming up and would like to use soundwave art, please get in touch.

more event pictures:

Basketball Soundwave Event Installation Westfield NBA Crossover Milan Soundwave Art Event

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