Is Art Good For Your Health?

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Art is one of those things that either you get or you don’t. Some people have really strong connections to learning about art, making art, of viewing art, and others can take it or leave it.

Some have preferences for certain types, too. Regardless of where you are on the sliding scale of art appreciation, there are some serious health benefits to art that can’t be ignored. If you’re ready to figure out what they are, and how they apply to you and your life, keep reading!


  • Art is a form of expression and communication: In all versions and across all of time, art is a way for us to express and communicate. Whether we are the ones who are creating, or just viewing, art engages us and helps us to communicate with each other without necessarily using words. This is especially so with those who are struggling with actual communication, either due to a stroke, cognitive issues, and more.
  • Art can help ward off cognitive issues: Speaking of cognitive issues, you’ll also find that art is one of the best defense mechanisms when it comes to helping protect against cognitive problems. Both creating art and viewing art (since it involves interpretation), require the brain to work and function, building stronger connections and keeping you engaging with all parts of your brain itself. This can help you protect against dementia and other age-related problems (though it isn’t a cure, unfortunately).
  • It helps ease the tension and stress from us: The entire world is pretty pretty heavy right now, it’s pretty fair to say. Both creating art and viewing art can help us take a load off and enjoy a noticeable difference in our stress level and tension. Art is designed to be fun and creative, helping us stimulate the happy part of our brains. This forces stress and tension to take a backseat for a while.
  • It can give us a reprieve from anxiety and depression: There are many people who suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. Having art around that either helps them to identify and communicate how they feel, and enjoy a break from those feelings through having meaningful art that makes them feel positive, is a huge help. This is why art therapy is so often used to help those who are struggling with these kinds of mental health issues.
  • It boosts the happiness endorphin: Last but most certainly not least, there’s also a lot of research to suggest that something as simple as admiring art at a museum, online, or in person can boost the happiness endorphin. Since that endorphin is responsible for healing and recovery, it’s great for our minds and bodies, in general. Not to mention, it’s also a great help for those that simply love a little bit of happiness in their day.

The number one rule with art -- regardless of how you define it or determine it “relevant” to your life, is to go with art that means something to you. Don’t choose art that looks good just because it looks good. Choose art that resonates with you and makes you feel something when you look at it. Whether you create it, or it’s created for you by someone talented, art is art, and there are serious health benefits attached to it!

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