Father's Day Gifts - What Does He Really Want?

Father's Day- a time for giving, thanking and most definitely not socks. Out of my 25 previous opportunities to get my Dad a great heartwarming gift, I've so far failed. Let's face it - socks, ties and golf balls are not heart warming. Here's a breakdown of some of the gifts we've seen that your father is sure to love!

A Guide To Father's Day Gifts

Step 1 - The Card

To some the card may seem like the least important part of the package, but I see it a little different. Think of the card as a vessel - a medium in which to truly express your words and thoughts into a meaningful message. It's a moment to make him smile, make it funny, heartwarming or silly - you know what he likes best. 

Porky Penguin have the Father's card down to a tee. Their mix of quirky, funny and soppy cards are guaranteed to make your Dad smile.

Porky Penguin Card Porky Penguin Card

See their father's day cards - https://porkypenguin.co.uk/collections/fathers-day-cards

Step 2 - The Gift

Now this is the tricky part. Google 'Father's Day Gift' and you'll receive a computer crashing bombardment of personalised mugs, wacky ties, BBQ tongs, car washing wax and remote controlled gadgetry. But what does he really want? 

DIY Gifts

In reality your Dad probably already has everything he already needs - that is of course, having you. So why not make something for him? Buzzfeed have an article on 24 things to make your Dad - from vodka to magnetic knife racks, he'll appreciate the effort, thought and that you made it!

Buzzfeed Vodkabuzzfeed kniferack


Acts of Service

He's been there through the thick and thin of your life, repay the kindness with cutting the grass, washing his car or making him breakfast in bed. Get creative!

Kids washing car

Talk Memories, Spend Time and Value His Legacy

This may sound odd, but everyone wants to be remembered. Spend time sharing your memories, times you've had together and moments in his life. The most precious thing to your Dad is time - spend the day with him and he'll love it.

At Woof On The Wall, we think memories are the most important in all our lives. This year why not get creative and treat your Dad to a personalised sound wave art print. Record yourself expressing your thanks or take a recording of something he has said, or means a lot to him. Get sentimental, silly or serious.

Father's Day Personalised PhotoFathers Day Soundwave Art

Shop Father's Day Here.

We've thought about every Dad. 
The Geek

Star Wars Soundwave Art with Lego

Star Wars Soundwave Art Print - from £7

The Music Fanatic

Custom Music and Lyric Soundwave Art Print - from £14.99

The Sentimental

"Thanks Dad" Custom Soundwave Art Print - from £14.99 

The Pet Lover

Custom Pet Soundwave Artwork - from £15.99

Step 3 - The Meal

Of course this step is optional, but as tradition goes in my family - I always treat my Dad to food. He's taught me how to cook, and therefore I return the favour by cooking his favourite dishes. Whether it's breakfast, lunch or dinner, eat in or eat out - the gesture always goes down a treat.

Steak and ale pie with a pint

Whatever you decide to do on Father's Day, make it count - he's your Dad. 

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