5 Ways Artists are Showing Sound as Visual Art

It's no secret that we're fascinated by sound and more importantly how it looks, but there are some artists who take this craft to a whole new level. These are some of our favourites.

Soundscape: The Physical Sounds of Manhattan by John Davis - SOURCE

John Davis - Sound Art

This remarkable piece of art is created by tiny crystal buildings which represent famous NYC songs. Each buildings height is representative of the influence the song has had on the city's music scene. Cut by laser, this multi-level 3D model is truly a work of art.


Sound Wave by Jean Shin - SOURCE

sound wave

Quite literally a sound wave... 
This sound wave is created using melted records and sculpted into the shape of a wave, highlighted by the colourful labels. According to the artist "The structure speaks to the inevitable waves of technology that render each successive generation of recordable media obsolete." 


Rolex Tower by James Clar - SOURCE

Rolex Tower

This huge sculpture hangs... you guessed it - at the entrance to the Rolex Tower in Dubai. The artist recorded himself saying "Rolex Tower" and then created the piece by 3D mapping and printing technology.


Amen Break by Colin Hendee - SOURCE


The Amen Break is the most replicated sample ever used in popular music (YouTube it and I bet you recognise it) and therefore we had to include this modern reinterpretation. Laser cut birch wood ensures that this sculpture and this musical sample will live on.


Soundwave Prints by Woof On The Wall  


We couldn't miss out our very own method of creating sound as a visual medium! You can send us any sound and we will turn it into your very own one-of-a-kind artwork. A piece of history right there, that you can cherish forever! When you send us a recording we professionally remove background noise, leaving just the important bits. We design to the required size, add text and print on quality photographic paper. 

You can watch how it's done in this video. 

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